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Consultancy Services

Identification of ideas and strategies

In the initial stages of working with our clients we analyse activities, potentiality, projects and ideas with an overview of the strategies we wish to implement. We place emphasis on making the most of the distinct financial instruments available. Whilst being supported by a wide and well established network of strategic partners, our clients are able to gain access to the best opportunities in the best conditions available to them.

Project financing

Direct funds from the European Commission: Programme VII Marco, TEN-T, Marco Polo, Leonardo da Vinci programme, E-content, CORDIS Security, etc., are some of the lines of work in which we have superior experience in the submission, coordination and final reporting of projects. These key processes are what allows for the funding of any strategic action taken by the organisation. Our work teams include consultants whose experience and qualifications has meant their involvement in the selecting and evaluating of projects organised by the European Union, such as Leonardo da Vinci or E-Business.

Funds managed by national organisations: The amount of funding managed through National or regional operative Programmes is greater than the amount managed directly by the European Commission. Our areas of expertise are ARTE PYME II, PCCP (previously known as PYME Initiative), national or regional grants through R+D+i, Global Grant from ESF, Leader, eQual, Adapt, etc. We have worked with organisations at a national level as well as organisations from many of the Spanish Autonomous Communities since 1998.

Direction and Coordination of Projects

If your projects requires direction or specific management and your organisation does not have the necessary resources or experience to solve the issue, our experts have competed tasks such as:

  • Establish a regional or European partnership.
  • Planning the project.
  • Development of the systems and guidelines for the continuation of the project.
  • Evaluation process of projects.
  • Technical procedures behind the economic justifications and technical processes.
  • Technical assistance for publicity and distribution in order to accomplish European common principles.

Excecution of of key tasks

We have accumulated profound knowledge of the key abilities applicable to diverse sectors of activities and as a result, we have been increasingly competitive in developing projects such as:

  • Evaluation and Monitoring of projects (Before, during and after).
  • Foreign Representation. Contacts in France, Italy, Portugal, Poland, The United Kingdom, Sweeden, Norway, Denmark, Greece and Finland, amongst others.
  • Sectorial Studies.
  • Introduction of software for collaborative work.
  • Creation of web applications for distribution.
  • Elaboration on training material.
  • Organisation of events (conferences, congresses, meetings, courses).
  • Training (organisation, teacher).
  • Elaboration on diagnostic methodology of innovation within companies.
  • Elaboration of specific guides.
  • Technical advice on projects.
  • Development of diagnostic methodology of information and communication technologies within companies and organisations.


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