Gateway S.C.S. - Areas of Expertise


Local development and European funds

When aiming towards territorial development, there are three principles that we believe are essential:

  • Thorough knowledge of the environment.
  • Clearly defined strategies.
  • The optimum execution and control of proceedings.

Business innovation

Innovation as a process is a necessity which no company can afford to ignore. Given that at Gateway S.C.S. we want to help companies solve any problem they might encounter, we offer crucial advice on business innovation, promotion plans as well as specific advice on how businesses can implement innovative strategies effectively.

Services of technology

At Gateway S.C.S., we think that technology should be used to help us work more efficiently. Therefore, our solutions include the integration of highly specialised technology into any work systems already in place. We also use technology to build and incorporate new applications. The infrastructure that we have in place means that, at any point, we are able to provide the most reliable solutions in the best possible conditions.


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