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What is GTW-Framework?

GTW-Framework is the software development platform created by Gateway S.C.S.. Its architecture reflects our philosophy at Gateway S.C.S. for the deployment of software applications over the Internet.

GTW-Framework makes it possible for Gateway S.C.S. to deliver to its clients software as a service that is constructed cosidering the web as a platform. We abide by the following principles when constructing all our projects using GTW-Framework:

  • The development of multi-platform applications: all the components of GTW-Framework work within Mono Framework as well as in Microsoft .NET Framework so our applications can be deployed over a wide variety of architectures.
  • Strict compliance to the standards and recommendations from the international prestigious authorities (W3C, ISO, ECMA,OASIS, IETF, …)
  • Integration with other applications in both directions; exposing data through Web services, and consuming services provided by third parties.
  • Permanent evolution, making sure that our projects are continually updating themselves in order to avoid obsolescence due to advances in technology.
  • Conformance to the web content accesibilty guidelines so that the vast majority of users, irrespective of their physical or technological limitations, are able to use the applications and services built on top of GTW-Framework.
  • Localisation of interfaces for applications, adapted to the user and their regional configurations, linguistics, etc.; so that their user experience is more comfortable.
  • Interoperability with other applications, implementing protocols, standards and open technologies, widely accepted and used by the world.
  • Universal Access to applications, independent of the device used. Mobility must not imply porting the applications, but must guarantee its availably in any circumstance.
How we contribute value to our clients?

The services already in operation benefit from the continual stream of improvements that GTW-Framework elements harness. In this way clients are able to maintain their products at a state-of-the-art level.

We deliver software as a service, not as a product to our clients. Our prices are vastly more competitive since management and maintenance of the technological infrastructure are included. Our clients avoid costly investments in hardware, software and communications, as well as, save on the cost of information technology training.

Our clients can trust in the reliability of the product as they are constructed using software that has been tested and widely used. The speed of deployment when combining multi-configurable solutions and scalability of the service when the needs of the client grow, etc, are accentuated more and more as GTW-Framework evolves.

In sum, we allow ourselves the opportunity to devote ourselves to our work. To contribute value to our client's work in every way. Our knowledge of technology is not only what we use to work but is written into the very fabric of what we produce.

Products & services built with GTW-Framework

Thanks to GTW-Framework, large scale solutions and smaller projects are treated with the same care and attention. Our expert knowledge is applied to even the most modest of projects in order to achieve the highest level of quality development. The following list contains projects of various sizes which share the same infrastructure:


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