Gateway S.C.S. - GTW-Cloud - High Availability (HA) hosting infrastructure based on cloud principles


What is GTW-Cloud?

GTW-Cloud is the infraestructure for the deployment of web applications created by Gateway S.C.S.. Its architecture, along with GTW-Framework, reflects our philosophy at Gateway S.C.S. for the deployment of software applications over the Internet.

GTW-Framework makes it possible for Gateway S.C.S. to deliver to its clients IaaS services such as high availability (HA) environmnets with 2n+n redundancy (active/active) and bandwidth starting at 50Mbps.

Products & services hosted by GTW-Cloud

Thanks to GTW-Cloud, large scale solutions and smaller projects are treated with the same care and attention. The following list contains projects and services of various sizes delivered through the same high availability (HA) infrastructure:


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