Gateway S.C.S. - Becalia

Becalia is a software solution developed and implemented by Gateway S.C.S. to provide solutions for graduate and undergraduate work placements. Gateway S.C.S. is able to provide an optimum service to solve issues of adapted software through deep understanding of this concept, with which in mind, was created.

We can guarantee value due to our extensive knowledge and perception of the needs of our clients in an area in which we specialise. The knowledge we possess guarantees the success in implementing complex software solutions, such as, which create pronounced changes an organisation's work patterns.

We offer our clients outsourced technological business management which is necessary for implementing In this way, we aim to maximise the ease with which is integrated and reduce any costly investment in hardware, software or communications. Equally, we emphasise maximum efficiency during our training in the usage of the information technology.

For more extensive information about the becalia service feel free to visit or contact us to arrange a meeting.


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