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Our Team

Gateway S.C.S. is formed by a group of experts each of whom have experience is distinct sectors. They make up our active hardcore and enable us to work openly and with a critical eye.

Being fully aware that our most powerful tool and primary service is our knowledge, we foster an attitude of perpetual learning in our consultants. We place emphasis on multidisciplinary training, as the differentiating factor and most effective way to generate value for our clients. We are engineers and technicians trained in economy and management, economists trained in innovation and technology and Doctors or university specialists from distinct areas of study (information technology, business innovation and information society).

Teams are made up of consultants originating from the world of business and public administration, as well as, intermediate organisations such as business associations, trade unions and chambers of commerce and industry. In this way, each carry with them superior professional experience, relevant to distinct areas of activities:

  • Telecommunication.
  • Employment and Social Affairs.
  • Agrifood.
  • Maritime Transport.
  • Education and Training.
  • Information Systems and Publications.
  • Software.


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